Get to know Steve Harvey

The man who's been through it all tells it like it is

Have you ever hid your car from the repo men? Or lived out of the same car for months on end? Well, Steve Harvey has and he's here to tell you about some of his embarrassing money moments, and share all the ways Green Dot can help you better manage your money.

"My journey to where I am in my life hasn't always been easy. I'm no stranger to failure. I learned a long time ago from my father that I could have anything that I wanted as long as I worked for it and stayed focused."

-Steve Harvey

Catch Steve Harvey on Family Feud, the Steve Harvey Show, and The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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Official Green Dot spokesperson Steve Harvey

What would Steve do?

Taking a break from the Green Dot photo shoot in Chicago, Steve had some funny conversations with young people about managing money.

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My life put the brakes on

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