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Welcome to the Banking as a Service (BaaS) suite of APIs provided by Green Dot Corporation 

Here at Green Dot, we understand that quality APIs must cater to two distinct audiences: the partner and their developers. The partner must be able to rely on our API's ability to keep up with the demands of their processes, while their developers need clear and concise documentation along with a user-friendly design that will seamlessly integrate into any of their products.



Use our Enrollments API to conveniently enroll a new user, create their account and payment instrument, all with one single call.

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Payment Instructions

Payment instruments

Use our Payment Instruments API to create a new physical or virtual payment instrument (card) for a user.

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ATM Locator

ATM locator

Use our ATM Locator API to search ATM locations in the area.

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User and Accounts

Users & Accounts

Use our Users & Accounts API to update and retrieve current user information, allowing you to provide superior customer service.

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Use our Transfers API to provide your users with the ability to move funds to and from multiple accounts.

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Use our Webhooks API to receive event notifications, such as transactions and account changes, as they occur.

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With our quality APIs, seamless integration and comprehensive documentation, we can help you easily expand your financial services in a cost-effective, worry-free way.

Developer Friendly Design

Developer-Friendly Design
Updated clear and concise documentation, easy-to-follow guides, and much more.

Helpful Testing Solutions

Helpful Testing Solutions
Gain valuable insight with the help of our self-testing guide. Test the user experience in our safe and secure partner integration environment (PIE).

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