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The Pandemic’s Silver Lining: Why Green Dot is Embracing “Work from Anywhere”

Author: Dan Henry

Author: Dan Henry

Today we officially announced plans to move Green Dot’s HQ to Austin as part of our new “Work from Anywhere” model, along with upgraded PTO, parental leave, and other benefits and programs that support a dynamic workplace and culture built on trust and responsibility.

“Work from Anywhere” wasn’t part of my master plan when I joined Green Dot early last year. But as the global pandemic took hold, it was a catalyst for shifting our mindset and reimagining what the future of our company, and life as individuals contributing to a new work culture, could look like.

A recent survey of our employees revealed a vast majority (95%) would rather not return to the office full time. Overwhelmingly, employees love the freedom and flexibility that remote work offers, and despite working remotely, employees generally still feel connected to their managers, teams and leadership. If you look at our most recent earnings, it is clear we’re also getting a lot done – and making progress on our goals to be a leaner, more focused, growth-minded organization.

Yes, there are some new challenges, and we must be intentional about connecting and collaborating virtually – and hopefully in person on occasion when things return to a safer normal. But I see our new “Work from Anywhere” normal as a silver lining of the pandemic overall, one that forces us to embrace a culture of trust and responsibility.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our lives in many ways. But it’s also shown us what we’re capable of as functioning, intelligent adults. We don’t need to be in the office every day. We don’t need to be monitored and micro-managed. We can work remotely and independently, and be more productive doing so. And by eliminating an hour-plus of commuting time per day on average, we’re spending more time doing things we love, and living better, more balanced lives.

The reality is “Work from Anywhere” is and always will be a work in progress, much like everything else. We must accept that our teams and organizations are ever-evolving organisms that will require support in new ways, sometimes at the drop of a hat. We must be great communicators, and even better listeners, to understand what our team needs, and then trust them to make changes that may go against the way things were done before. I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made and could not be more excited for what’s to come.