Clarisa Lindenmeyer Clarisa Lindenmeyer

Gig Wage’s Clarisa Lindenmeyer joins Green Dot in Las Vegas for GO2 Scoop: A Money20/20 Interview Series

December 16, 2022 -- Clarisa Lindenmeyer, Chief of Staff to the CEO at Gig Wage, joins Crystal Bryant-Minter, Green Dot’s SVP of Financial Service Centers and Green Dot Network at Money20/20 in Las Vegas for a lively discussion on:

  • Clarisa’s reaction to her “Diversity Deconstructed” panel session as a part of the Rise Up and Amplify cohorts at Money20/20
  • What it looks like to truly make DE&I (and Belonging) central in the workplace
  • How inclusivity can build employee loyalty and trust in an organization