Our values Our values

Our values

Stewardship - We are responsible stewards of the assets and experiences entrusted to us by our customers, colleagues, shareholders and the U.S. banking system.

Trust - We work hard to earn, build and keep the trust of customers, partners and colleagues.

Action - We constantly move forward with sound judgement in our actions and decisions.

Performance - We consistently deliver on our goals and objectives.

Teamwork - We collaborate, support, and challenge each other while celebrating success and having fun.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

Our diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environment helps drive the Green Dot mission forward and provides our workforce with the best opportunities for success. It makes us a better employer, a stronger partner, and a more complete steward to the communities we serve.

  • We are dedicated to measuring progress. We hold ourselves accountable to be better.
  • We embrace uniqueness. Our differences bring us together & also make us better.
  • Every voice matters. Ideas and perspectives are heard and respected.
  • You matter. We truly care about each and every employee.

When working for Green Dot

We make time to volunteer for important causes and contribute to society in a meaningful way. We are proud employees of Green Dot!

Every individual should feel safe to bring unique knowledge, experience and perspective to the table.

We work together toward what is in the best interest of the company​​​​​, this is why we encourage candid, constructive feedback.

​​​​​​​We trust the value each individual brings to their role, and in turn, employees take responsibility for their work.

We collaborate to drive creativity and try to open new doors for our organization.​​​​​​​ We are data-driven, leveraging it to make informed decisions.