What makes Green Dot different?

Are you tired of how banks take overdraft fees? So were we. So we invented something completely new in banking with the Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Debit card. At Green Dot we want to empower you with more access and control over your own money — and put more of it back in your pocket with innovative new products like our 5% Cash Back Visa Debit card.

With a Green Dot card you’ll never have to worry about an overdraft fee again. You’ll conveniently shop online. Pay bills without leaving home. And even send money to family across the US. Best of all, getting a Green Dot card is hassle-free with absolutely no minimum balance requirements or credit check.

So get your Green Dot card today and enjoy a completely different way of banking.

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Fees and limits apply. Personalized card required to send money and funds must be loaded to a Green Dot Bank issued card.

Valued Green Dot cardholder Zareh

“Direct deposit was a life saver”

“I told my boss…here’s my new account number, let’s start direct deposit.”

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-Angelica Estrada

Valued Green Dot cardholder Lisette

"Online bill pay”

"I like to use Green Dot’s online bill pay feature because it allows me to just set it and forget it.”

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-Lissette Arenas

Personalized card required. Limits apply. These Green Dot customers were paid to appear in videos in which they made the above statements.