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Plaid’s Ginger Baker joins Green Dot on the Fintech Leaders podcast in Las Vegas for GO2 Scoop: A Money20/20 Interview Series

December 6, 2022 -- Amit Parikh, Green Dot’s EVP of Banking Platform Services (BaaS) joins Ginger Baker, Head of Financial Access at Plaid on the Fintech Leaders podcast at Money20/20 (hosted by Miguel Armaza). Tune in for a lively discussion on:

  • How fintechs can serve and support consumers in a down market and difficult economic times
  • The meaning of access – to money, to data, and more – for consumers, fintechs, and others
  • How privacy and the protection of consumer data is evolving
  • The value of trust between consumers and their banks, fintech platforms, and more
  • The most critical tech advancements necessary for the next generation of financial services
  • How relationships between fintechs, incumbent banks, and Big Tech are evolving