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Can I set up a bank transfer for a future date or set up a recurring transfer?

Yes, you can set up a transfer for a future date or set up a recurring transfer. Currently, these can only be done in the Green Dot app.

You can unlock these features only after you’ve completed an initial bank transfer. Simply go to the bank transfer screen, select Scheduled, Schedule a Transfer and enter a transfer amount.

When scheduling a one-time bank transfer for a future date: Select One Time in the Frequency menu, then select a transfer date in the calendar that will appear on screen. You must select the next business day or a future date for any scheduled transfers submitted after 8:00pm PST.  

When scheduling a recurring bank transfer: Select your desired frequency from the Frequency menu (Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Month). Select a Start Date and Repeat Date (Indefinitely or an Ending Date).

Scheduled transfers that fall on a weekend or bank holiday will process the next business day.