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What is an ACH Bank Transfer?

An ACH transfer is an electronic bank-to-bank transfer processed by the Automated Clearing House network (ACH). ACH transfers are a convenient way to move money between accounts at different banks electronically. ACH transfers enable you to send or receive money conveniently and securely.

With your Green Dot account you can transfer funds in two ways:

1. ACH debit transactions involve money getting “pulled” from your account. For example, when you set up a recurring bill payment, the company you’re paying can “pull” what’s owed from your account each month.

2. ACH credit transactions let you "push" money online from another bank or institution to your Green Dot account. For example, if you elect to have your IRS or state tax refund direct deposited into your Green Dot account, it is “pushed” to your account from the other institution.