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When will my money be available after cashing a check with the Ingo® Money App?

If your check is approved, you can get your money in minutes. When you submit a check, it usually takes a few seconds to review a check for approval, although it can take 3-5 minutes and, in rare circumstances, up to an hour while Ingo® Money works to verify sufficient information to approve your check. If your check is approved, your money will be sent to your Green Dot account. Fees apply for approved Money in Minutes transactions. If time is on your side, you can get your money on your card in 10 days for no fee, as long as your check is not returned unpaid within the 10-day period. All checks are subject to approval for funding at Ingo Money’s sole discretion. Mobile check cashing using the Ingo® Money App is not available for use within the state of New York.​

For information on depositing a check using the Green Dot app, cashing and loading a check at Walmart or cashing and depositing a check at a financial service center (location offering check cashing, payday loans, money transfers), please refer to those FAQs. ​