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How do I make a mobile check deposit to my account using the Green Dot app?

Follow these steps to make a mobile check deposit using the Green Dot app:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, download the Green Dot mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Log in to the app
  3. Select Deposit and then Deposit a check
  4. Make sure the check is made out to you - sign your name on the back and write ‘For mobile deposit only’ underneath your signature
  5. We’ll walk you through the rest

Limits apply. Mobile check deposit cannot be used to make your first deposit to the account.

In order to use the Mobile Check Deposit Feature in the Green Dot app:

  • You must have activated the card we mailed you
  • You must have had at least four recurring payroll or government benefit direct deposits for the past two months
  • You must have had point-of-sale card transaction activity in the past month
  • Your account must be in good standing

For information on cashing a check using the Ingo®Money App, cashing and depositing a check at Walmart or cashing and depositing a check at a financial service center (location offering check cashing, payday loans, money transfers), please refer to those FAQs. ​