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Will I always get my direct deposit early?

Many times, your employer or benefits provider will notify our bank of your incoming deposit in advance of your actual pay day. If they do, we will credit your pay or benefits to your card when they give us that advance notice instead of waiting for pay day. However, the exact time of day that your paycheck or benefit payment is deposited onto your card will usually vary from payday to payday because employers and benefits providers often send payment instructions at different times from pay period to pay period and fraud prevention restrictions may apply. As such, the availability or timing of early direct deposit may vary from pay period to pay period. If you don’t get it as early as you did the previous pay period, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong or that we’re holding on to it. It just means we haven’t received it yet. The name and Social Security number on file with your employer or benefits provider must match your account exactly or we will decline your deposit.

If you log in to your account and set up the direct deposit Account Alert, we’ll automatically notify you any time a direct deposit is received. Carrier message and data rates apply.