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What transactions don’t qualify for 2% cash back using the Cash Back Visa Debit Card?

Green Dot will pay a 2% cash back on purchases of actual goods or services. The following transactions don’t qualify:

  • Airline purchases,
  • Quasi-cash transactions (i.e. purchase of items that convert to or substitute for cash, such as digital wallets, person-to-person transactions, casino chips or transactions at online gaming sites, travelers’ checks, lottery tickets, etc.),
  • Use of your debit card to purchase gift cards or for funding another card or account,
  • Bill payments, either using your debit card or using our online bill pay service,
  • Transferring funds from your debit card or bank account to another bank account or credit card account, and
  • Transactions conducted at GreenDot.com or our mobile application (such as online bill payments or person-to-person transfers).

Without regard to the items specifically mentioned in these rules, Green Dot reserves the right to close any accounts at any point prior to or after the anniversary of the account if, in its sole discretion, the use of the account appears abnormal or for the purpose of gaming the program.

See your Account Agreement for more information.