Get your government benefits up to 4 days before benefits day

We deposit your government benefits to your Green Dot account when we get early notice you have money coming in, often 4 days earlier than your current benefits payday. Not every payer gives us early notice every payday, but most do!

Available for all kinds of government benefit payments, including:

  • Social Security benefits
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • Pension payments
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) payments
  • State unemployment benefits
  • Government Disability Benefits (SSDI or Workers' Compensation)
  • Veterans' benefits
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Timing depends on deposit verification and when we get notice from your employer or benefits provider, and may vary from pay period to pay period. But when we get it, you’ll get it.
social security benefits direct deposit prepaid card

How to set up Federal Benefits Direct Deposit


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Have the following info ready

  • Green Dot Bank Routing and Account Number We'll text it to you.
  • Social Security number or claim number
  • 12-digit federal benefit check number
  • Amount of your most recent federal benefits check
  • Make sure the name on file with your benefits provider matches the name on your card account


Call to enroll

For Social Security benefits (retirement, disability or SSI) call (800) 333-1795
For Veterans' benefits call (877) 838-2778
For Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB) call (877) 772-5772

When will my benefits post to my account?   Check out our blog for benefits payment schedule here.

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