Cash your check at Walmart and start shopping

The Walmart check cashing service will load your payroll or government check directly to your Green Dot card — so you can shop at Walmart right away.

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Standard Walmart check cashing fees and limits apply. These services are not available in all states or stores. Reload fee and card balance limits apply. Your receipt is proof of your reload.
Family carrying groceries bought at Walmart

How It Works

Step 1

Cash your check at Walmart

At a participating Walmart, cash your check (up to $1,000 for a max fee of $3) at any checkout lane. Must be a preprinted check like a payroll or government check.

Step 2

Load up to $1,000 to your card

Then, ask the Walmart associate to load up to $1,000 in cash to your card for a $3.74 reload fee.