Manage Your Money with Green Dot

Download the Green Dot app

Online banking at your fingertips

Access your money from just about anywhere, whenever you need it. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Green Dot mobile app makes it easy to handle everything from registering your card to tracking transactions. You can even get a new card right from the app.

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Text for balance and more

Get text alerts sent directly to your email or mobile phone

There’s no need to log in to check on your Green Dot balance, or see if your direct deposit has hit. Text us and get a text right back with your balance, recent transactions or reload locations. *

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Save money for a rainy day

Stash extra cash separately from your account balance

Put away money for later when you store it in your Money Vault. Try Vault now by clicking the STASH and UNSTASH buttons near your balance in your app. Money Vault earns no interest.

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* Carrier message and data rates apply.
It's easy to manage your money with Green Dot

Take care of business with online bill pay

Ditch the snail mail with Green Dot’s free service

Pay virtually any bill including rent, most utilities, cell phone providers, and others through Green Dot's online bill pay service. It’s free to use and frees up more of your time. *

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Load cash directly to PayPal®

Easily add cash to your PayPal account in just minutes

PayPal Cash powered by Green Dot at the Register™ makes it easy to add cash. Create a custom barcode with your cell phone and hand it to the cashier; it tells the cashier everything he or she needs to know to complete the transaction.

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* You must have a PayPal account to use this service. Once funds are added, use anywhere PayPal is accepted, online or with the PayPal mobile app. A $3.95 service fee and limits apply.