Stash extra money in the Money Vault, separate from your account balance

You can worry a little less when you set aside a few dollars in your Vault. When you move money from your account balance to your Vault, that money will be unavailable to spend, until you transfer it back to your card. Have it on hand later to pay future bills, pay the plumber if the sink leaks, treat yourself to something special, or give a little to your favorite charity.

Enjoy fee-free saving with no minimums required to start. What will you save for? Try Vault today!

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How it Works

Move money you don't want to spend from your available balance to your Vault.

Add money to your Vault as often as you like.

Easily move your money in your Vault to your account when you're ready to spend it.

Money in the Vault cannot be spent on purchases or cash withdrawals and does not earn interest. Card balance limits apply.