Keep track of your account with text alerts

The Green Dot app provides your balance with a swipe

Keep track of your balance and other activity while on the go. With account alerts, you won’t have to log in to view your Green Dot balance or see if your direct deposit was received. Just pick a few settings and we’ll send important alerts straight to your email or mobile phone. Or, get alerts only when you want them: text HELP to 43411 and learn how to text for your balance, get recent transaction history and more. (Carrier message and data rates apply.)

Open an Account
It's easy to set up sms and text account alerts

Set Account Alerts

Check balance

Keep track of your money with daily or weekly balance alerts.

Low balance

When your balance drops below $25, we’ll send you a little reminder to reload your card.

Direct deposit

Receive an alert any time you receive a direct deposit on your card.

Carrier message and data rates apply.